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Frequently Asked Questions about Kitchen Renovations

How Long Does a Kitchen Take to Renovate? The time taken to remodel a customised kitchen depends on the scale and complexity of the project. However, you will typically be looking at a time frame of around 4-8 weeks from start to completion. Remember that there is more to remodelling than just getting started. There […]

Choosing the Right Kitchen Remodelling Company

How Experienced are their Personnel? Those with more experience in the kitchen industry know how to spot issues before they occur, have access to high-quality materials at less of a cost, and of course, have a long-developed keen eye for the best principles of design. Do they Offer Turnkey Services? The right kitchen company should […]

Hottest Kitchens: Design Trends for 2019

As far as we’re concerned, there are three ways to keep your kitchen hot this winter; firstly, nothing brings the heat quite like a hot plate of delicious food (there are plenty of recipes out there just waiting to be discovered), secondly, investing in a heater is a smart move as the cold seeps in […]