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As far as we’re concerned, there are three ways to keep your kitchen hot this winter; firstly, nothing brings the heat quite like a hot plate of delicious food (there are plenty of recipes out there just waiting to be discovered), secondly, investing in a heater is a smart move as the cold seeps in a little deeper, and thirdly, ‘show ‘em some flames’ with this year’s hottest interior design and décor trends. Not sure where to start? We have you covered!

Open Shelving

This year open shelving is becoming braver; stepping out of restaurant, hospitality and retail spaces straight into homes. People are moving away from minimalist styles and opting for looks that instead say, “I am well kept, but I am also well lived-in”.

The open display of mugs, plates and other crockery is the perfect way to accomplish just that. For the items that you still want to keep out of sight, cleverly designed and well-hidden storage spaces are complementing the conceptualization of open shelving.

Back to Black

Gone are the days of pure white kitchens with white cabinets to match. This year is all about intelligent contrasting and cabinets are the perfect way to showcase this aspect of design. We are seeing the growing popularity of colours like night watch green, matt black, deep reds and even blue hues making their way into the trendiest kitchens.

Wonders of Wood

Wood has been renowned through the decades for the warmth and texture that it can bring into any space – particularly kitchens! Not only does wood provide a kind of warmth that is hard to find in other materials, but it also provides a connection to nature and the outdoors, something that humans are craving and something that is being widely sought after in the broadest sense of design.

Considering Kitchen Remodelling? 

Be sure to find kitchen contractors who know what they are doing and who have a passion for design. In Johannesburg, CHC Kitchens have a well-known reputation and the portfolio to back it. For more information, contact them or visit their website.

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